About LUCIContact LUCI
Brand story Understanding an individual's place in humanity and the universe is a lifelong process of study and self-reflection through experiences and our senses. Eventually we may gain the knowledge needed to truly understand what's important in our lives and the lives of those around us. This mindset allows individuals to focus on what's important to LUCI; true empathy and warmth towards others. LUCI strives to help individuals achieve this understanding and mindset by focusing on the infinitesimal details needed to provide unlimited emotional growth opportunities.  We believe people crave personal growth through experiences which drive feelings of inspiration, discovery, escape, and happiness. We believe technology and content are stepping stones to achieve deep personal growth and development.  We are committed to building systems, creating content, developing partnerships, and forming communities that will drive humanity to new horizons.
Brand Guidelines Warm minimalism is the overall look and feel of the LUCI brand. Minimalism impels us to abstract the quintessence of the world's unlimited beauty, and we deliver our brand message in a warm, mindful, and attentive way.
Brand Mission We aim to further human potential